WHAT is PicrossST ?

PicrossST is a nonogram game for ATARI ST. If you don't know what a nonogram is, you'll find a great description on wikipedia.
It should run on ATARI ST,STf and STe (tos 1.0 -> 1.62) The others Ataris hasn't be tested yet. The game requires at least 1MB ram and a write enabled location to write savegames.

WHAT is the ac2008 edition ?

The team was at the AC2008 party to present the PicrossST project. The ac2008 is a special version (it is not a demo) especially made to play a Picross tournament.

The PicrossSTeam:
  • Marskilla
  • Shadow272
  • Tonton Bruno
  • Castanea
  • Dear Horse
  • Zapier
  • Marcer
  • Tomchi

Also helped :

  • Cooper
  • Mug UK
  • Arklif
  • Odie-one
  • Dinofly
  • Starbuck